Welcome to Electromagnetic Radio (aka, EM-Radio). As the name implies, EM-Radio.com is a throw-back to a day when radio broadcast the warmth of the human voice and the power of entertainment over the airwaves at the speed of sound. Radio once had the ability to draw family and friends together to soak up news and culture from around the world, as well as from their local community.

EM-Radio aims to present diverse, community-oriented content based on a similar Host-driven, free-form format of music, culture, and ideas by and for real people. While the station is indeed global given its “virtual”, world-wide web nature, Electromagnetic Radio is rooted in a strong sense of “local” with a family of live Hosts located in a number of communities like New York’s Hudson Valley, Louisville, Asheville, Austin, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Pittsburgh, Portland, and growing all the time. They are all part of the Electromagnetic Radio family.

We hope you will be too!