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45 Day

45 Day is a celebration of the humble 7″ showcasing DJs from around the world and their 45s collections. This takes the form of DJ sets, specific themed twitch events including 45 Funksters, 45 Raiders, 45 Dubs and more. 45 Day also digs a little deeper into DJ’s lives with talk shows about mental health and all aspects of this as well as allowing DJ;s to talk about their record collections. 45 Day promotes 45 Kings 45 Queens and 45 Kids.

ElectroMagnetic Radio is thrilled to simulcast 5 1/2 Hours of 45 Day 2022 on the 4th of May (aka, 4.5 – Get It?!?!). Live from 10:30am BST / 5:30am EDT until 5pm BST / 12Noon EDT, with a sampling of DJ Kings, Queens and Kids from ACROSS THE GLOBE!

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