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Part of My Journey

Hosted live by Criztoz, the Creator of 45 Day and Head of the Forty Five Kings Collective, and joined each week by Special Guests from the global music community, Part of My Journey is a Twitch-based talk show now simulcasting here on ElectroMagnetic Radio.

These meaningful, intimate chats range across a number of important topics, including depression, anxiety, emotional & domestic abuse, childhood trauma, alcohol & drug addictions, therapy and so much more, including the impact and importance of the DJ & vinyl communities. To that end, Guests select three 45s from their collection that lifted their spirits for discussion… And also often end-up discussing retro, unusual and cool confectionery! These are humbling, frank and open discussions about personal challenges & victories, DJ’ing, 45’s, the power of online communities and much more.

Typically broadcasting on Mondays ~8:30pm-10pm GMT / ~3:30pm-5pm ET (check the weekly schedule or 45 Day Instagram link below for schedule updates based on Guest avails).

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