Asymetrics Live from Panama World Beat 45RPMs

Asymetrics Show

The Asymetrics is a platform piloted by a group of like-minded friends based between Paris, France and Panama City, Panama devoted to music and arts from all around the globe, featuring artists, DJs and record collectors from many different horizons.

Featuring charts, stories, artworks, interviews and lots of mixtapes, the Asymetrics push the envelope in every direction, having as much fun with soulful eclectic records from dusty bins, forgotten classics, or obscure tropical beats, as with contemporary electronic music.

In that spirit, The Asymetrics Show, broadcasting LIVE from Panama and hosted by Kamarita and Malong, features eclectic grooves and exclusive material from the Asymetrics with no other purpose but to have fun and spread good vibes!

Every fourth Sunday, 1pm to 3pm Eastern Standard Time (Panama City) / 2pm-4pm Eastern Daylight Time (NYC) / 8pm-1opm Central European Time (Paris).

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