Country & Western Radio Show

The High and The Lonesome

Heat is coming off of the pavement distorting everything in the future, melting the wax full of recorded promises in this god forsaken heavy bag. Can’t turn around there’s just too much weight. Is there still a roach in one of these damn pockets? Even if there is, it’s probably drenched in sweat, dust and the imprint of last night’s excess. Here comes a big rig rumbling between the white lines. Have mercy on me dirty diesel gods and take me to the next riverside or jukebox. Those sounds from the country that beat us all down still have the ability to sooth. It’s that high lonesome, we seek each other out. Reflect, relax, get tight and dance. Six more miles ’till the sun goes down and the Whippoorwill calls.

Broadcasting live from The Catskills High Peaks, join DJ Whippoorwill for The High and The Lonesome every other Sunday night from 9pm to 10pm Eastern Time.

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