Inland Selection, House, Soul, Hip-hop

The Inland Selection

Live from the Inland Center Emergency Broadcasting Station, we present to you The Inland Selection by Jahseh. Each week, we present a showcase of the talent from beautiful Southern California. You can expect to hear from a variety of bands and DJs, each bringing their talent and taste in music to the ear of listeners. You can expect to hear a variety of genres ranging from Pop, Disco, Rock, and Electronic Dance music. You will get to hear not only the music, but the voices of the artists who make their form of art possible. We hope to open your ears to the talent of many genres and forms of music to make your day as exciting as possible. Stay tuned for what is sure to be an exciting showcase of music from Jahseh.

Saturday, 9pm to 11pm Pacific Time / Midnight to 2pm Eastern Time (Sunday) / 5am to 7am GMT (also Sunday… take me to Church, Jahseh!) 

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