Sunday CoolOut - Reggae Culture Music on ElectroMagnetic Radio.

Sunday Cool Out

The Sunday Coolout show is a laid-back, relaxed vibe. DJ Dondelion grew up in Jamaica listening to his Mom, Aunts and Uncles jamming to music every Sunday afternoon. As a teen living in an apartment building on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, NY, Sunday morning was like a sound clash. Everyone had their music turned up, playing everything from Gospel, to Country, to R&B, to Classic Roots Reggae. That vibe kinda stuck and now, every Sunday afternoon, you will hear him blasting music from the RasFM Studio in New Jersey. Playing mostly (as he likes to call it) “Culture Reggae Music”. He also loves some of the reggae classics, so you will hear a lot of that stuff too.

The Sunday Cool Out, 4pm to 6pm Eastern Time, every Sunday with the king on internet radio, DJ Dondelion (Don Di Lion). 

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